Authentic Man Program - How To Get Her World

Authentic Man Program – How To Get Her World
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Discover the Keys to Unforgettable Conversation
and Profound Connection…and Say Goodbye to Brain Freeze, Flaking, and Boring Interactions…
Getting Her World is a profoundly rewarding experience that so many men intuitively know is possible, and just haven’t tapped into… yet.

Bryan here –

So, you’ve seen the video above… and you’re probably wondering, how is it relevant to ME?

Well, I’ll start by addressing some of the challenges you might face:
CHALLENGE #1: “What Do I Say To Her?”

You’re out with a girl you just met. You’re nervous because she’s gorgeous and you can barely believe that you’ve got this shot to get to know her…to connect with her…to make an impression on her.

Maybe you’ve rehearsed what you’re going to say or what you’re going to ask. Maybe you just figured you’d “wing it.” But as her eyes lock with yours, you feel a burning in your gut.

Your mind goes completely blank. You can’t think of a single clever or witty thing to say. You make small talk to buy yourself some time. The conversation stalls. There’s an awkward silence.

You can feel her interest waning with each passing minute. She checks her watch, maybe her cell phone, and gives you that polite smile that tells you she’ll be nice for the rest of the date but you’re not going to see this one again.

I’ve been there before…more than once.

In those moments, I would just push on with the small talk, but what I REALLY wanted to do was take a SLEDGEHAMMER to that invisible fucking POLITE AND CORDIAL WALL between me and her, and SMASH IT TO PIECES…

Because I KNEW that an amazing connection was so CLOSE, RIGHT THERE ON THE OTHER SIDE, that there was actually a DOORWAY to a place of REAL DEPTH AND RICHNESS OF CONNECTION… but I just couldn’t quite find the edges of the doorway to open it! And so we BOTH remain stuck in this maddeningly superficial world of cordial, mind-numbing small-talk…


What makes it worse is that you KNOW you’re a great guy, with a lot to offer! With your friends, or other women you’re not attracted to, the doorway to your sense of humor, charisma and creativity opens automatically, like magic…

It’s just that now, when it matters to you most and it really COUNTS, it’s not showing up. WTF??

Are you destined to repeat this torturous encounter for the rest of your life …OR is it possible that your attention simply hasn’t been TRAINED to focus on what matters most? More on that in a moment.
CHALLENGE #2: She Flaked. Again. nreturned calls, texts, cancelled dates

You’re excited because you’ve met an amazing woman. But that excitement turns to frustration and disappointment when days go by after you text her with no response.

Should you text her again? Should you wait longer? Should you call instead? What if you stick yourself out there only to have her reject you WORSE?

Is she really busy, or not feeling well or somehow missed the email, text or voice mail? Or is she just not interested in you and afraid to admit it?

And furthermore, why is it such a power imbalance? Why are YOU the one bending over backwards, agonizing over when or whether to text her next, and willing to move YOUR schedule around, when she’s not making time or space to see you??

With each failed connection, you begin to get more and more jaded, and it seems to actually be getting harder, instead of easier, over time. And you’re not sure what to do to fix it.

The problem in both the above challenges is simple. You get so wrapped up in your own thoughts that you aren’t actually getting what she’s thinking and feeling, and what she needs in order to feel genuine attraction and connection.

You’re worried about what to say. You’re frustrated by your inability to relate to her. You’re scrambling for anecdotes and the right questions to ask so you can get to know her and make a good impression.

And all the while she’s sitting there thinking, “This guy is stuck in his own world – he’s not really getting me at all. I’m not feeling it. Why did I ever agree to this date?”


If women are not following up with you, it’s likely that she didn’t feel a strong connection.

Even if she was attracted to you at some point, attraction is fleeting- but a REAL CONNECTION is memorable. And if it’s not there, she’s not going to make the effort to take things further, and she’ll let your calls and texts fade to the background. But when you learn how to connect and Get Her World, this problem evaporates – and she’ll likely be the one asking you, “When can we meet again?”

As for that first challenge, “What do I say to her?”…

What if you knew exactly what to say to her, no matter where the conversation was heading?

What if you could effortlessly tap into endless possibilities of topics and intimacy-building questions that would not only intrigue her, but would have her feeling so seen, heard and understood, you’d have her full attention and interest, and therefore end “go-nowhere” dates for good?

When you learn to Get Her World, a simple shift of your attention lets you Dial Into Her. It reveals multiple fun, exciting threads of conversation for you to follow, at ANY point in your interaction – and you’ll never be at a loss for words again.

Once you start to shift your attention and cultivate your focus in the way I’m describing, you’ll have access to the “universal buffet table” of relevant, refreshing and intriguing conversation topics that apply directly to you and her, right in that moment. Read on…

When you learn to get her world, YOU suddenly have an ability of such immense value-one that so few men have-that the power dynamic changes.

When a woman is ACTUALLY UPLIFTED by spending time with you – nourished, because her life is RICHER for having known you – then she’ll return your calls & texts, and even rearrange her schedule to be with you.

While many guys who follow AMP are single, this program is just as (and possibly more) powerful for men in relationships as for single guys.

When you learn to Get Her World, you’ll strengthen & deepen the connection and trust between you- which leads to more fun, play, and intimacy.

Getting Her World also allows you to re-experience your partner with Fresh Eyes, as if for the first time (as you’ll see in Decker’s conversation with his wife Kendra)…

“I saw things that I could have used TODAY with my wife.
I know this stuff intellectually, but actually SEEING it, slowing it down…that was helpful for me.”

“I’ve been with my wife for 10 years and I can see now how to bring more play, interaction and intimacy.”

“Decker’s interaction with his wife – that was really amazing to watch, and super inspiring – like, wow, I want to have THAT.”


Throughout history, kings and warlords couldn’t compete with the poor artist who could open a woman’s heart because she felt SEEN.

If I had only one tool (being funny, good looking, having a great body, having “good banter”, knowing how to play a musical instrument…) I’d still choose the ability to see a woman for who she is and connect on a deep level. This is the ultimate trump card that makes everything else secondary.

Getting Her World

“This is incredible. I’ve never had a connection like this. I want to live all the time here.”

“I want to reveal myself to you, and for you to reveal yourself to me… Deep connection is what girls want…it’s definitely what I want.”

By now the power and importance of deep connection with women should be pretty clear.

So, the question is…how are we going to teach you to connect with women on a deep level?

Well, the first step is to discover why you’ve been struggling:

A couple of reasons:

#1: FIGHT-OR-FLIGHT RESPONSE – On a biochemical level, when you’re relating with a woman you’re attracted to, when it really matters most to you, you’re often in a “fight-or-flight” response-

Just like if someone’s attacking you and you’re not trained to deal with it, you’ll often panic and lose your center, the same thing happens with women, except in this case you lose access to your creativity, sense of humor, and genuine curiosity.

The good news is, just as martial artists practice to stay cool even when being attacked, you can train yourself to stay cool and collected even when interacting with the most intimidatingly attractive women.


Related to #1, whenever you’re nervous, your attention tends to hyper-fixate on everything other than what you’re actually wanting.

Your attention tends to be on:

Trying to figure out if she’s attracted to you
Wondering what to say next
Trying to ask her questions to demonstrate your interest, but not really caring about the answers so much (and to be honest, it’s tough for you to even really FEEL that genuine interest in her when you’re working so hard to ask the right questions).

When you do any of these things, you’re not paying attention. You’re not Present, and she can sense that.

The good news, again, is that through retraining and sharpening the focus of your attention, you can have your interactions with women be unforgettably rewarding and go to places of deep connection.


As we show you WHAT to focus on, the quality of your attention will continue to sharpen- you’ll learn WHAT to focus on, and HOW to focus on it, which will increase your ability to Get Her World and have more rewarding conversations and deep connections.

So, exactly how is this program going to help you sharpen your attention?

Several ways!


So many of you have asked us, “Show us real-world examples! What does authentic relating LOOK LIKE? SHOW US!!”

Your wait is over.

This new program is not a “stage seminar”, or a compilation of “guru-expert interviews” with the usual suspects that you’ve already heard, rehashing their particular twist on the same old stuff.

These are a REAL-LIFE, uncensored INTERACTIONS with real women, in professional HD video, with multiple camera angles to track every nonverbal nuance of the conversation.

You’ll watch Decker interact with what many guys would consider to be their “dream girl” – the kind of women most men are both drawn to and intimidated by.

You’ll learn by SEEING Decker interact with women, HEARING the exact words he says to them, and actually DO the exercises that will sharpen your focus and your ability to connect deeply with women, whenever and with whomever you wish.

“In the moment of actually witnessing it, your brain changes and a new possibility is opened.”

“Being able to hear and see, in-depth what authentic relating actually looks like…I see a whole new game and practice for myself.”


You’ll get exactly-what-to-say structures (the “outer game” DOING) in PDF download form, that even if you were a brain-dead zombie, your interactions would go deeper…

These “outer game tools” are like training wheels– they can help you get some quick wins, build your confidence, and start that upward spiral of building success upon success!

But most importantly…

Other programs may show you what an extraordinary interaction with women looks like (from the outside). But oftentimes, that doesn’t help, because you don’t know what’s happening on the INSIDE. In this program, you’ll…

1) Get Her World – As you watch Decker interact with each woman, you’ll understand what it’s like to be her, and to see the world from a woman’s eyes. Perhaps even more useful, you’ll…

2) Get Decker’s World – As you watch Garrison debrief Decker on the interaction, you’ll understand why he says what he does, where he takes the conversation, how he relates to them etc…

This program is NOT about ADOPTING Decker’s worldview – the last thing we want is a bunch of Decker clones running around. While this program will open your eyes to new possibilities and a new way of interacting with women, over time you will find your own unique expression and way of relating.

Because even more important than learning lines that have been proven to work from other people, you’ll get the tools to “Dial In” to the place inside yourself where those games and “lines” can COME FROM (the BEING, rather than the DOING), spontaneously, moment-to-moment!

The most rewarding interactions emerge when you have NO IDEA what you’re going to say next, and the interaction unfolds spontaneously – and that’s why this program comes with missions, practices and exercises designed to have you INTERNALIZE this skill set for yourself.

To the untrained palate, wine is either red or white. But as you learn the distinctions between different wines, you can begin to Appreciate the subtleties, the nuances, that separate and distinguish one wine from another.

Imagine being able to do this with PEOPLE – to experience and celebrate each person’s unique characteristics, and, beyond that, have the ability to reflect that back to them in a way that has them feeling deeply seen, honored, moved, and…discovering new things about themselves.

That’s what this Program is about.

In the past, we’ve held back, appealed to the “lowest common denominator” of guys looking just to “get girls” or “get laid” – but the truth is that what we do best is Depth – that’s what we are committed to, and we’re not going to “hold back” or “dumb down” this stuff anymore. This program is unapologetically deep, and rich with distinctions that are subtle yet powerful. You’re a big boy, and you can handle it – we’re giving you some of our best, deepest stuff! J

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