Colin Tipping Radical Empowerment 2005 (mp4)
Colin Tipping – Radical Empowerment – 2005 – (MP4)
English | Size: 4.48 GB (4,814,049,000 bytes )
Colin Tipping Radical Empowerment 2005 (mp4)
Colin Tipping – Radical Empowerment – 2005 – (MP4)
English | Size: 4.48 GB (4,814,049,000 bytes )
You probably know this already, and have read countless self-help books that were supposed to solve the problem – but nothing changed. You may have tried therapy in order to change it, but probably to no avail. You may even now have affirmations stuck on around the house, on the refrigerator and in the car. But they change nothing, do they?
That’s because the old thought and belief patterns driving the requests are buried – out of your awareness, deep down in the unconscious parts of your mind, acting like internal gyroscopes and literally driving your life.
Most of them were learned (programmed) when you were very young, but nevertheless have infinitely more votes in creating your reality than anything you can muster now in your conscious mind. And they are extremely resistant to change.
But what if you could change them, immediately – not through therapy or affirmations, but through collapsing the energy fields that hold them in place?
That’s precisely what happens with this program. The tools provided make it quick, easy to do, simple and effective.
And, what if you could create any number of brand new energy fields that could hold the vibration of the very things you wanted – and they would manifest for you, virtually immediately? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?
Well, it’s within your grasp, right now, with this program. As you become more and more comfortable with the Radical Forgiveness/Empowerment model, it occurs automatically and magically. Once you have collapsed those old energy fields, the void is filled immediately with what you consciously choose to manifest.
Plus you have a brand new and powerful tool I have developed for training your spiritual intelligence to supercharge your intentions so that the manifestation comes even more quickly and easily.
By doing this program you are literally making room for the miracles to occur in your life. You are releasing all that no longer serves you and, with help of your spiritual intelligence, replacing it automatically with what does.
It really is as simple as that. Radical Forgiveness/Empowerment is a very simple technology; but the effects are dramatic.
However, I have to say that this life-transforming program is not for everyone. Not because it’s expensive – it isn’t. I have deliberately kept it low to make it available to more people. It’s more a question of whether you are willing to commit to using the tools in a fairly consistent manner until it becomes a habit. This might take between 6 – 12 months. But as you can see below, we provide you with all the resources you will need.
Folks, it is not difficult. In fact, it is fun and enjoyable. And believe me, spiritual growth really does not come any easier than this – of that I am convinced.
It is even more enjoyable if you do it with a buddy. That way, you can keep checking in with each other, reminding each other to use the tools and sharing success stories. You can also form a group and study together.
The Radical Empowerment Package Comprises:
DVD1 – Empowerment Through Radical Forgiveness
DVD2 – The Soul’s Journey – The Metaphysics of Radical Forgiveness
DVD3 – The Tools of Radical Forgiveness
DVD4 – Radical Relationships
DVD5 – Radical Self-Forgiveness & Self-Acceptance