Journalist and Documentary Film Business and Legal Guide
Journalist and Documentary Film Business and Legal Guide pdated
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The internet has disrupted journalism and documentary film business models and upended laws. For citizen journals & more
Many tutorials teach you “how to be a journalist” or “how to shoot a documentary or”how to conduct an interview”, but none of them give include the MISSING PIECE: the legal and business information you need to write, shoot, and/or publish controversial facts, photographs and moving images of other people while avoiding trouble.
Are you a digital journalist or documentarian who wants to get the information that you’d get in a $500 an hour consultation with a lawyer BUT can you not afford to invest that type of money right now? This course is for you.
Do you want actual examples of
the laws that affect publishing everything from mugshots to criminal records and speeches
how to deal with copyrights and licenses for images and photos
where to find legal, re-usable public domain photos that you can use for your work
legal templates that you can and use for your own video shoots
These are just a few of the topics I go over in this course.
Don’t let the course length scare you though, you only need to watch the sections that are relevant and useful to you.

WHO AM I? I’m an intellectual property lawyer who works with creative professionals like web designers, game developers, and Youtubers. Some of my clients are the biggest internet personalities in the world with millions of Youtube subscribers, Twitter followers, and millions in endorsement deal revenue. But at the end of the day they’re still 1-5 employee creative businesses like the one you have or would like to start.
WHY DID I CREATE THIS? I’ve advised literally 100’s of aspiring creatives for free out of the kindness of my own heart over the years. To ensure that I could help as many people as possible, even the people who can’t pay may rate as an attorney, I am building this course. My goal is to ensure that you take the path of least resistance and most reward. I used to be a graphic designer and filmmaker myself after all, so I want to give back to creators/freelancers.
I want to see entrepreneurs and creatives who want create jobs and create art succeed. I’d like your new ideas to change the world. I want to empower you to understand of the law now so it doesn’t get in your way later. Problems that are easy to solve now can cost a fortune to fix later.

30 Day money back guarantee! – If you don’t like it, get your money back
Write and negotiate your own contracts for clients to avoid paying a lawyer $500 an hour to do it for you. I’ll include several writing and documentary related contract templates
Understand when you may need a lawyer as a citizen journalist or documentarian. Once you’re successful enough that you can hire an attorney, learn what kind of lawyer you may need, how to find that person, and how to negotiate for the lowest fee.
Avoid lawsuits. Although a lawsuit is unlikely, one controversial publication and the threat of legal action could destroy your entire business and career. Learn the information you need to prevent legal problems now and prevent them from ever arising. Make smart choices early on that won’t come back to haunt you.

This course is meant to be interactive. I’ll be adding content to the course based on your questions, so you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get personal feedback (please note: I can’t give specific legal advice in the discussion board)!

When this course is complete, you’ll receive
-Fill-In-the-Blank Legal Templates: I’ve included templates relevant to journalists and documentary filmmakers as able PDF and DOC files. One template alone can cost $10-$100 anywhere else on the internet and I’m including them here for free.
-Bonus content of real digital journalists and documentarians discussing their craft: Over the next few months, I’ll be adding hours of inspirational and educational videos with experts discussing their craft.

Because I believe in your success and want to help anyone spends the time to help themselves, for the first 50 people that fully complete the course at 95% or higher I will jump on a personal 15-minute call with you to give you some basic tips to move forward and answer any lingering questions.
If this hasn’t been taken down this bonus is still available.

Right now, I am keeping the price low for the Udemy community so I can continue to get feedback from you on how to make this the best course possible. Keep in mind, the current price is temporary and can raise at any time.

Certificate of Completion
Discounts on my future courses, I’ve included a coupon book inside of the course to get discounts on my other courses.
Lock in your price now. Since I’m going to be adding new content each week, the price of the course will raise. If you want to get that new content for free, now is the time to buy.