FREE Planet Photoshop : Tutorials by Corey Barker (Update)

Planet Photoshop : Tutorials by Corey Barker (Update)
Planet Photoshop : Tutorials by Corey Barker
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Genre: Video Tutorial / Photographing, Adobe Photoshop

Awesome collection of video tutorials from planetphotoshop website by Corey Barker.
Tracer Effect
Filter Magic
3D Lights on 2D Images
Textures & Patterns
3D Compositing
Image Masking Effects
3D Light Beam: A New Approach
Design Techniques
Using Refine Edge
Clever Texture Effects
3D Reflections on White
Tron Graphic Effect
Design Layout Techniques
Retouching with Dodge and Burn
3D Logo Effects
Abstract Backgrounds
Creating Depth of Field
Nondestructive Mask Effects
Spot Healing Brush with Content Aware
3D & Football
Hollywood Effects
Dimensions of Time
Lightning Brush Effects
Building A Composite
Design in the 3rd Dimension
Antique Photo Effect
Cool 3D Arrow
Mosaic Layer Mask Effect
Abstract 3D
Cool Design FX
Iron Man 2
3D Text In CS5
Diamond Plating
Light From 3D Shapes
OlymGraphics, Part 2
OlymGraphics, Part 1
Masking with Channels
Animate 2D in 3D
3D Light Beams
More Texture Effects
Animated Wireframe
Christmas Lights
Modern Warfare
New Moon Text Effect
2012 Text Effect
More Fun with 3D
Reverse Restoration
3D Background Effects
Striking Match, Part 2
Striking Match, Part 1
Rain Drops
Retro Surf Logo Design
Ready For Some Football!
Retro Tron Effect
Harry Potter
Ice Age Acorn
Transformers, Part 2
Transformers, Part 1
Planet Works
Land of the Lost
Realistic Balloon
Angels and Demons
Star Trek Poster Effect
X-Men Logo
Punch Through
Fun With 3D
More Fun with Brush Effects
Bond… James Bond
3D Streaks
Dancing with the Stars
Special Effects Text
Text on a Path
Masking with Shapes
Steel Texture Effect
3D Billiard Balls
Compositing Inside Silhouettes
More Design Effects
It’s Curtains For You
Animated Snow
Retro Text
Stylized Background
3D Design
Bullet Hole Brushes
Displaced Effects
More Fun With Brushes
Halftone Smudge Brush
Scale Effects
Energize That Photo
Design Elements from Photos
Vector Mask
Fire Brushes
Lighting Effects
Pin-up Effect
Embossed Glass Logo
Sci-Fi Text Effect
Blending and Type Tips
Crumpled Paper
Pirate Text
Background Animation
Logo Design
Stylized Comic Book Effect
Stage Lights
Design Effects
Space Background
Wild West Grunge
Wall of Text
Natural Brushes
Custom Coins
Borders Under a Minute
Text Shape Layers
Animating Color Transitions
Design With Grids
Animated Rain
Dramatic Color Effects
Folds and Creases
Photo to Drawing
Stylized Fire Effect
Remove Noise
The Davinci Design
Beads of Sweat Effect
Animated Transitions
Pattern Maker
Vanishing Point
Design With Alpha Channel
The Power of Layer Styles
Add Pizazz
Energetic Burst
Painting Motion
Line Drawing to Photo
Scatter Brush Masking
Multi Box Design
Type with Texture
Quick Makeover
Masking with Channels
Create Background
Got a Light?
Sunset Silhouette
Shooting Star
Follow The Evidence
Graphic on Mug
Custom Text Brushes
Highlight Blowout
Need For Speed
Reflections Revisited
Degrees of Masking
Extreme Edges
Graphic Texture
Lighting on Multiple Surfaces
Ring of Fire
Warped Mist
Distorted 3D Grid
New Planet
Displacement Maps
CS3 Smart Filter
Light Thru Window
Cut Out Effect
More Custom Shapes
Custom Shapes


Planet Photoshop : Tutorials by Corey Barker (Update)
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