The Gnomon Workshop : TRex lookDev and lighting with Maya and Arnold
The Gnomon Workshop – TRex lookDev and lighting with Maya and Arnold with Charles Chorein
Duration 3h 51m Project Files Included MP4

In this title Charles Chorein shares his production proven methodology to create a lookDev and lighting scene in Maya and Arnold.
Throughout the lesson, he delves into various techniques that allow for the high-quality integration of CG elements with live-action backgrounds; specifically an animated T-Rex. He begins with a grey shaded turntable, adjusts the grey, chrome and white spheres to improve integration, then delves into Arnold’s global settings, skyDome and area lights. Charles demonstrates the use of the alShader for the TRex with various maps and finalizes the lighting as he evaluates the animation. The final result is composited in Nuke where the beauty, shadow and reflection layers are adjusted as Charles adds subtle chromatic aberration, rebalances the multiLight and finalizes the shot with camera shake. For those interested in learning production techniques for lighting CG elements into live-action for film, this title provides valuable knowledge from an experienced CG supervisor.
Duration: 231 Minutes
Format: HD 1920×1080

Chapter List
00. Preview
01. Introduction
02. Check Assets
03. Camera Setup
04. Layout
05. Sphere Diffuse
06. Light Rig
07. Shaders
08. Displacement
09. Texture
10. Render Passes
11. AOVs (Arbitrary Output Variables)
12. Lighting

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