TimeLiner Simulation with Autodesk Navisworks By Deepak Maini
TimeLiner Simulation with Autodesk Navisworks By Deepak Maini

Navisworks TimeLiner module is an extremely useful module for the BIM and construction professionals to simulate the construction sequence.
However, linking the schedule correctly and mapping the right set of columns is always tricky. This course, TimeLiner Simulation with Autodesk Navisworks, covers the process of creating the simulation based on your top most items, layers, and also the sets. In addition, this course covers how you can link an external schedule to the Navisworks model and import the tasks from the schedule. You will then learn how you can automatically attach items to those tasks and then play the simulation. By the end of this course, you will be able to link a construction schedule to the TimeLiner module and play 5D simulation of demolishing an existing facility and constructing a new facility. Sofware required: Autodesk Navisworks.


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