ZBrush Polypaint with Michael Ingrassia
ZBrush: Polypaint with Michael Ingrassia
Appropriate for all | 1h 14m | 573 MB | Project Files | Software used: ZBrush

ZBrushs Polypaint feature allows artists to paint directly on a models surface without first assigning a texture map. Simply create your texture map at a later time by transferring the painted surface into a texture.

Polypainting is much faster and much more fun than the standard workflowand you can easily change the size and resolution of your map and remap the UVs. Join Michael Ingrassia as he shows how to use Polypaint for advanced texturing in ZBrush. Learn dark-to-light painting techniques, how to set up meshes for colorizing, and how to create various texture effects, including metallic finishes and stippling.
To learn how to sculpt the 3D pirate journal featured here, check out Michaels previous course, ZBrush: Stylized Sculpting.
Topics include:
– Setup and preparation
– Painting a metallic object
– Adding base and highlight colors
– Refining sculpt details
– Using masking
– Adding a stippled texture with Colorized Spray